New Year Resolution #2017


Here is what I planned for 2016.

1. Do stretching exercises for at least 15 minutes per day. – yeah. I can say it was done with 80%.

2. Go to gym 3 – 4 times weekly bases. – I did not go to gym, but went to spinning. enjoyed a lot. Still going now… 🙌🏼

3. Read at least one book per week. – I was super busy this year compared to previous years. I had managed to read 16 out of 52. 😁

4. Learn to do meditation. – could not make it. found 10 days medidation for beginners. I am definitely going in 2017.

5. Go to drawing lesson. If it is interesting enough, go for long term lesson. – did not do anything about it.

6. Improve my skills set. – started learning Project Management. joined 7 days training. Learnt about ITIL 2011 & MESD Administration (training), Dell Compellent (Beautiful storage 😸).

7. Travel in Mongolia and abroad (China, Russia, Korea, Thailand or somewhere beautiful) – Travelled to Baikali Lake & Kyrgystan’s mountain range; They were extremely beautiful. Wanna go once again in different season. 😇

8. **** 😎 – tried my best. I am glad for getting some result even it did not even work out.

9. TOEFL – cancelled. Instead of taking TOEFL, took IELTS. did not get the result I wanted. I will try again in 2017.

Overall, 2016 was fantastic for me even it was depressing. I am thankful for what I went through and looking forward to future goodness. 😎

Here is what I am planning for 2017:

1) Keep doing spinning. (6 packs 😜)

2) Learn to do meditation.

3) Travel around world ( Mongolia – Gobi desert, Demchig Monastery, Inner Mongolia, China, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand or somewhere beautiful)

4) Learn Spanish.

5) Read 24 books at least. Herein read not less than 12 English books.

6) Improve my skillset (including English language).

7) Painting Class 😊

8) Learn to express myself properly. 🤗

9) Furnish the apartment.

10) Build summer house 😁


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