New Year Resolution #2017

Here is what I planned for 2016. 1. Do stretching exercises for at least 15 minutes per day. – yeah. I can say it was done with 80%. 2. Go to gym 3 – 4 times weekly bases. – I did not go to gym, but went to spinning. enjoyed a lot. Still going now……


Өрөвдмөөр… Зарим хэсэгт нь хоолой зангиран, уйлмаар санагдана. Хүний амьдрал таашгүй. Хүн хүнээс хүчтэй Богд жирийн хар хүний адил үр хүүхэдтэй болон амьдарч, хайрлан, инээж баясах эрхгүй… Шашин гэж хичнээн муу амьдралтай ч байсан, чи хамгийн сайхан амьдралтай нь гэж итгүүлж чадах ид шидтэй ч юм шиг. Сэтгэлээр нь хуурч, итгэлээр нь тоглогч ч юм…

Who moved my cheese?

It is a short story about changes and how people handle it. Who do you wanna be? How are you going to deal with changes in your life? Frankly speaking I am Haw. 😊 Soon I will be finding my new cheese. 😄🙏🏻 I liked these quotes: He thought about finding new cheese and all…

I f*cking loved this book #GIRLBOSS

It is honestly told story of successful ones in the world. I really loved quotes and pictures – all of it. I recommend this book for people who want to be successful in their carrier and do something that others can’t. I really liked these quotes:

Mind Your Language

As my brother suggested, I started to watch 1977’s TV series – “Mind Your Language”. Foreign students are trying to learn English language. A class has Indian, Pakistan, Punjab, Spanish, France, Switzerland, Greece, German and Japanese nationalities.

ShaQ Uncut

This is an inspiring and inside story of NBA. Shaq is an example of how African American kid becomes a millionaire with his family’s constant attention and his talent and hard work. To become a champion, what he had to face and interfere in order to make his team successful. Each and every aspects including…

Tokyo trip #2013

Wow, this is the trip, I decided to go to Japan so quickly. What happened is while I was surfing in internet, I found flight discount of MIAT Mongolian Airlines from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. So I contacted to my friend, who was studying in Tokyo on that time and inviting me at same time.